My EDC (or Apple device) Reflection - Fall 2018

I was inspired to write this short blog update as Apple’s 2018 Fall Keynote is just 24 hours away and I thought it was a good time to look at my current everyday carry (tech wise) to see which device require upgrading as I can’t afford to upgrade everything every year. That being said, I own the following Apple devices as of today:

  • Apple iPhone X

  • Apple Watch - 42mm (Series 2)

  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

  • Apple AirPods

  • Apple MacBook Pro - 13 inch (2017)

  • Apple MacBook Pro - 15 inch (2016)*

*work provided

It would be an understatement to say that my daily tech workflow (or carry flow?) is mostly dependent on Apple devices and some people may have a similar setup, but through other manufacturers, but the iOS/MacOS ecosystem works very well for me. The use of Apple’s continuity and streamlined workflow speak volumes to me and this alone make me very happy to be stuck in their ecosystem.

As September draws closer, it’s time for me to reflect on each device and think about whether or not it needs to be upgraded.

iPhone X

This is hands down my favorite Apple iPhone since my first iPhone back in 2012 with the iPhone 5 (yeah I’ve been a BlackBerry user since 2006) and it mostly has to do with the refinements that Apple done since the original iPhone. The iPhone X is a culmination of Apple’s best foot forward approach, such as industrial design, the state of the art A11 Bionic processor, and finally going bezel-less like the rest of the world. After a year of use, I never picked up the phone and thought to myself, “I need to upgrade.” This phone still outperforms most flagships out there in terms of real-world performance and with the upcoming launch of iOS 12, which was reported to make older devices even snappier, I don’t feel the need to upgrade this guy anytime soon.


I’m in the Apple iPhone Upgrade program since last year, which allows me to call dibs on the latest iPhone every year, sort of like a lease program like you would through any other cellular provider, but doing it through Apple instead.

This alone is worth it to me.

Being able to avoid the useless reps at Verizon (or any other carrier) when something happens to your phone and working with Apple directly, is the the path of least resistance I’m willing to take. To top it off, Apple also includes two years of Apple Care + as part of your program.

Apple Watch

This is something I’m looking forward to upgrading.

I’ve been a sworn Apple Watch user since 2016 and it has easily become my favorite watch in terms of utility and my pragmatic lifestyle, more so than my beloved Omega Seamaster Professional.

The problem I have now with the watch is that it’s been noticeably slow when it came to heart rate monitoring during my workouts. Sometimes the watch would not read my heart rate (or read them incorrectly altogether) in the middle of my workout, which is a problem for me as I want to know what my heart rate is during my HIIT workouts. It was becoming such a nuisance that I’ve considered picking up a separate bluetooth chest strap to supplement the watch, which defeats the purpose of the built-in tracker. I’m hoping the new Apple Watch comes with a new processor and better heart rate monitoring algorithms, as I believe these improvements will be the main seller for me.

iPad Pro 10.5

Despite the convenience of having my iPhone on me everyday, the iPad Pro is easily my favorite device to use everyday. I was an early adopter of Apple’s tablet since the original iPad in April 2010 when I was probably the only person to buy one at the local BestBuy. Fast forward 8 years and several iPad iterations later (which I’ve owned most of them), I’m here with Apple’s simply overpowered 2017 iPad Pro.

This device is simply attached on me most of the time due to its utility. Whether its for watching Youtube, browsing the web, taking notes for school or work, the iPad Pro is a staple of my daily life that I can’t live without.

Rumor has it that the new iPad Pro (2018) models will be bezel-less, meaning the actual screen real estate will be larger for both the new 11 inch and 12.9 inch models, will implement Face-ID 2.0 and notchless. To add to this, the new design will now feature solid edges instead of continuing with the curved design that Apple had been using for the past few years. This is a smart move since going bezel-less will require some sort of extra girth to hold comfortably without your fingers getting in the way of the screen.


I’m a tech junkie and I love having the latest toys, but due to the cost involved in upgrading to the latest and greatest every year, one has to be pragmatic about their reason for upgrading. That being said, I do plan on upgrading the three devices mentioned above as they’re a core asset to me that I use daily, but it also scratches the itch that I get every year during new tech season - at the exchange of a lighter wallet.